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Enter the fun-filled world of the Freaky Pets (42,000 fans on Facebook and growing every single day!) as they hang out at their playground behind the Petanian Boarding School For Freaky Pets and Their...Pets! Be part of the fun as they play, sing, dance and perform for each other and you! Listen as they tell each other It's Okay to feel what you feel, or how It's So Cool to focus on school when missing your parent, or how it's important to follow rules and be polite but sometimes you just have to Let It Loose! Watch as the Pets morph from fun friends to pop stars and rappers, jugglers and skaters, jokers and dancers!

Upcoming Shows

  • Poughkeepsie Galleria
    December 21st, 12 Noon, 2:30PM, 4:30PM
    Poughkeepsie, NY
    (845) 297-7600
  • Poughkeepsie Galleria
    December 22nd, 12 Noon, 2:30PM
    Poughkeepsie, NY
    (845) 297-7600



It's a special day at The Petanian Boarding School for Freaky Pets and Their...Pets! After long days of studying, homework and just plain old learning, parents are arriving! They've come to touch base with teachers and take their kids home. But, not so fast! Penga, Bullog and Monketa want to perform their very own show before everyone goes home…everyone except Monketa, that is. Her parents have special jobs and sometimes can't make it in time. Bullog and Penga try to help her keep up hope but will it be enough?

Cast Bios

Bullog (bio)

Penga (bio)

Monketa (bio)

Creative Team

Marcus Ticotin (bio)

Sahaj Ticotin (bio)

Nancy Ticotin (bio)

Fan Reviews

The team at Freaky Pets were the "perfect storm" of Professional, Prepared, Personable to work with and Super Entertaining for the audience. I would recommend anyone having these folks perform at their venue. It was like a mini broad way show with great messages for kids.

Alison Cahalan - Marketing Director - Sangertown Square - New Hartford, NY

Freaky Pets is a wonderful show for the whole family! So much fun with a positive message for kids to walk away with! I truly enjoyed the show and can't wait for you to come back!

Heidi Schuessler - Marketing Director - Galleria at Crystal Run

Freaky Pets performed at our Family Fun Night and was a huge hit. The performers have got talent and energy to burn and kept their young audience enthralled! The songs and choreography were fantastic and the messaging meaningful without being preachy!

Evan H. Levey - Director of Operations 74th St. MAGIC

In this wacky song and dance play, the performers incorporate juggling, hula-hooping and maybe even some cycling into their storytelling. Three humans take on the persona of a monkey, a bulldog and a penguin, to tell a heartwarming tale about being seperated from loved ones.

Time Out - New York - April 21st, 2013, New York City

What a fun show both for us and our kids! Great music, singing and dancing, and good laughs! Thoroughly recommend!

The Shapiros via email - March 20th, 2013, New York City

Fun for the whole family - Bella (5 yo) loved the story and singing and can't part with her new Freaky Pet friends; Victor (1 yo) had lots of fun clapping along to the songs and trying the new dance moves.

Alex via email - March 19th, 2013, New York City

My daddy took me to Freaky Pets and we had so much fun. It was the best show I've ever seen.

Josie Herz, 5, via email - January 23rd, 2013, New York City

Wonderful show it was enjoyed by all! The Freaky Pets are wonderful and so are their human counterparts! So...they have 3 sides, this is becoming complex...

Ginger Furr via mobile - October 25, 2012

Your show was awesome my kids loved it!!! It was nice to meet you and have dinner with you all!!! Safe travels on your trip back home:)

Tiffany Nicole Helms via mobile - October 25, 2012 near Fayetteville, NC

My husband was happy to help at tonight's show. We had a great time

Sarah Houser - October 25, 2012

My family had a great time tonight. Thank you so much for the laughs. Sooo when is the next show? :) The whole ride home my daughters were talking about Penga liking their hair bows. 'Pretty is as pretty does'

Tiffany Malloy posted to Freaky Pets - October 25, 2012

What A Flipp'n Awesome Day With The Freaky Pets In NYC ... Penga And Bullog and Monketa And Oobie-Doobie And Minderclops ... You Did One Heck'of A Performance! Ft Bragg There On The Way..Get Ready For A Show! Get All Your Friends And Family, You'll Be Thrilled!!! Ivonna And Christopher It Was Really Nice Meeting You. Thank You So Very Much Freaky Pets For The Gift Bag And Enjoy Your Next Show! Be Safe. What A Great Day We Had!

Maree Grandy posted to Freaky Pets - October 22, 2012

My lil man and I had a wonderful time at your rehearsal in NYC. We had fun. It was nice meeting the whole pet crew and Maree (a fan from here). We made it back home safely. Fort Bragg you guys are going to love the show. Have a safe trip down there. Thank you so much for our huge gift bag.

Ivonna Freeman posted to Freaky Pets - October 22, 2012 near Bronx, NY

I just wanted to write and say thank you inviting my wife and I to your very creative production. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and were pleasantly surprised at the genuine care for the details to include the energy, which were all displayed. This was certainly one of the times Jackie and I wished we had grandchildren to share it with them.

The performers were very talented in many ways. The dancing, the comedic overtures, and the singing all played a valuable exhibit to make this production succeed as it did. One look at the children's faces and I knew you and your team connected with all of them to include the parents. Click to view the entire letter

Michael A. Lamolli, MAJ, MP via mail - November 28 near Fort Bragg, NC

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